Credits so far - lots more to be added
Director & Editor Darren Flaxstone
Written By Darren Flaxstone

& Bernie Hodges

Spencer Knights Bernie Hodges
Jo Suzie Latham
Clem Judith Haley
Marva Clewes Alicia Ancel
Kev Simon Pearce
Xan Oliver Park
Ghost Girl Luca Schofield
Baylock Robert Jewitt
Richard Chan
Matthew Nesbeth
Producers Chris Broughton
Darren Flaxstone
& Bernie Hodges
Director of photography Mark Whatmore
Music by Al Lethbridge
Sound Design & Additional Music Echoic Audio
Production Manager Jules Brown
1st AD Edward Lynden-Bell
AD, production Assistant Matthew Nesbeth
Camera/Lighting Assistant Simon Pearce
Camera/Lighting Assistant Robert Jewitt
Sound Recordist David Thacker
Boom & Dubbing mixer Jamie Ward
Production Assistant/continuity Marissa Llano
Continuity Assistant/Runner Amy Radford
Continuity Assistant/Runner Nick Foundoukis
Cave Expert Alan Gray & Tiffy
Visual FX Glenn Lewis
Olaus Roe
Titles & Graphic FX Mike Woodruff
Make Up Debbie Hampson
Costume Stray Spark
Spencer Knights Costume Nathan Palmer
Marva Clewes Accessories Angel Jackson
Special thanks to Dogcam
  Radford Residential
Councilor Jon Rogers
Bristol City Council
Bristol Film Office
Bristol Boat Yard
Bristol Scouts
Icon Films
Olaus Roe
David Johnston
Andy Bourne
Dan Hedger
Antonia Korovilas